Order a medal with a picture of your choice

  1. Copy-paste the order form below to your e-mail and fill out the requested information.
  2. Attach the picture you want on your medal. Image processing is included in the price.
  3. Title your email as “ORDER”.
  4. Send your email to info@katariinaguthwert.com

The price of the custom medal is 65,00€ including postage fee. A paper invoice will be sent with the finished medal.

The Order Form: CUSTOM MEDAL

Name of the orderer

Postal address

Medal colour

  • Main colour
  • Highlight / Extra colour(s)


  • Please tell if you want your picture coloured or in black and white. We will process the image for you.


  •  Please choose the pendant from the options shown here.


  • If you want, you can tell something about the person who will recieve the medal.

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